NEW! Copper Limited Edition & Matching Stand

*Custom stand in matching color included*

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Square Wave Copper and its matching stand are endowed with deep burgundy and dark beige undertones that mix to create a lovely mineral caramel. These colors are not only luxurious but they will fit into absolutely any environment. This is ensured by our gilding partners based in the North of Italy - where metal plating has been an art for centuries if not millennia! Your Square Wave and stand will transport you to the depths of a glimmering cave covered in rich precious metals, an adventure in and of itself; let your Copper edition add this touch of mysterious elegance to your home. It's earthy pallet also make it perfect for the great outdoors.

This offer includes:
square wave copper


double magnetic stand


basic accessory hanging kit


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Square Wave: original design by Ivan Black (UK).
Additional adaptation: Atellani Design Studio - Kinetrika
Production: 100% made in Italy, handmade by skilled artisans in the North of Italy, near Lake Como.

9.8 in x 9.8 in (25 cm X 25 cm).
Weight: approx. 0.24 Pounds / 110 g.
Material: S234JR highest quality steel with the best plating available to make it durable and look always amazing.
Origin: 100% sourced and handcrafted in Italy.
Treatment: Treated to resist humidity and the elements, making it perfect both for indoor and outdoor use.

: 18.5 in. (47 cm).
Diameter & height of the base: 1.96 in. (50mm).
Weight: 1.74 pounds / 790 g.
Materials: Made of FE360 Steel & FE360+Carbon Steel (EU) with a Neodymium magnet (EU).
Origin: 100% Made in Italy.
Treatment: Treated to resist humidity and the elements, making it perfect both for indoor and outdoor use.

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The Perfect Stand

Square Wave is beautiful on its own, a graceful toy that you can hang or place around the house that will undoubtedly attract attention. This said, if you want an alternative look this Copper Edition has its own beautiful matching stand, designed to display Square Wave's best qualities with its uncomplicated yet luxurious design. It's metallic base will keep Square Wave weighted to any deck table or dining room mantelpiece for centuries if needed and a magnetic release system means you can easily detach or reattach your Square Wave to its stand as easily and frequently as you want. Our stands are minimalist in nature, but resilient - they will add that touch of prestige and elegance to your sculpture.

Square wave copper limited edition pure sophistication

Real Elements, No Compromises

Square Wave spares no effort when it comes to quality, that is why we knew it was essential to make Square Wave Copper and it's matching stand out of real copper. Our gilding partners are not only good at what they do, they happen to be some of the best in the world - ensuring that your sculpture will have and keep the rich, deeply layered colors and hues you expect from it. Square Wave is also made to resist rain, wind and temperature changes meaning that you can keep your new Copper edition and its matching stand sitting out on a patio table or by the pool; it will still be there in ship shape condition ready to fascinate friends and family.

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Timeless Design

While Square Wave is a practical toy and interactive sculpture, if that is what you wan't it to be, it is equally a prestigious work of design, intended to display minimalist elegance and bring harmony to interior spaces. If you carefully observe Square Wave you will quickly realize it is truly timeless, it could have been an ancient instrument or further ahead in time an object from a far off alien universe. This is not unintentional, Square Wave's designer Ivan Black is a world renowned Kinetic sculptor who has done work for everything from the Nobu hotel in London to the Guggenheim museum. In fact Square Wave's design is so iconic that it was selected for the MoMA catalog, the shop collection of one of the most famous contemporary art museums in the world.

square wave as an art piece with timeless design
heal with square wave

Heal With Square Wave

Square Wave has invaluable soothing properties for those of any lifestyle. Coming home from work after a long day and watching your Square Wave gently dance in the cool air, performing a ballet of swooshes and turns or letting it slide through your fingers can provide you with much needed relaxation. This can consequently improve everything from cognition to focus at the workplace, a stimulated mind is less likely to get distracted or nervous during tasks. Think of Square Wave as a way to unload negative energy - helping us to heal the gaps stress can create in our lives.

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Different Ways To Use Your Square Wave

spin it with a flick

Spin it with a flick of your wrist, and watch the magic happen

spin it with both hands

Spin it with both hands, by holding it by its edges

create mind-blowing

Create mind-blowing shapes and mesmerizing geometric patterns

hang it from the ceiling

Hang it from the ceiling, using the standard kit provided with each square wave

add the optional magnetic stand

You can add the optional Magnetic Stand to enhance your experience

can be displayed indoors and outdoors

Square Wave can be displayed indoors and outdoors

square wave specs

Square Wave Specs

Each Square Wave comes in an elegant box, ideal for a perfect gift. It also comes with a basic hanging kit (we now also offer a dedicated magnetic stand sold separately). Each and every Square Wave is handmade in Italy, near Lake Como, by expert artisans, using exclusively high quality certified materials 100% sourced in Europe. Square Wave dimensions are: 9.8 Inches / 25cm x 9,8 Inches / 25cm and it weights 0.24 Pounds / 110 g. the main component is: S234JR pre-galvanized steel, the highest quality chrome plated steel or the best plating available for the model. Square Wave is made to last outdoors as well and each order is tracked and insured. You will receive an email with your tracking number as soon as your parcel leaves our warehouse.