NEW! Polaris Limited Edition & Matching Stand

*Custom stand in matching color included*

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Square Wave Polaris emulates the essential values of Kinetrika, it is striking yet minimalist in nature. It will look lovely reflecting the magical light of a full moon or starry winter night, it equally adds a touch of sophistication and class to any office desk or living room. Polaris, much like the star, will shine in any home you find for it, catching attention and admiration while also cooling and relaxing those who play with it's hypnotic waves. Each Polaris comes in sleek obsidian colored box that contrasts wonderfully with the sculpture's high quality icy white coating. Square Wave Polaris is so enthralling that it has captured the attention of a notable science fiction series where it should eventually be featured! Discover the essence of elegance with your unique, hand crafted, Square Wave Polaris.

This offer includes:
square wave polaris icon


double magnetic stand


basic accessory hanging kit


high end gift box


Square Wave: original design by Ivan Black (UK).
Additional adaptation: Atellani Design Studio - Kinetrika
Production: 100% made in Italy, handmade by skilled artisans in the North of Italy, near Lake Como.

9.8 in x 9.8 in (25 cm X 25 cm).
Weight: approx. 0.24 Pounds / 110 g.
Material: S234JR highest quality steel with the best plating available to make it durable and look always amazing.
Origin: 100% sourced and handcrafted in Italy.
Treatment: Treated to resist humidity and the elements, making it perfect both for indoor and outdoor use.

: 18.5 in. (47 cm).
Diameter & height of the base: 1.96 in. (50mm).
Weight: 1.74 pounds / 790 g.
Material: S234JR highest quality steel available to make it durable and look always amazing.
Origin: 100% Made in Italy.
Treatment: Treated to resist humidity and the elements, making it perfect both for indoor and outdoor use.

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The Perfect Gift

Square Wave Polaris is the gift to give to any perfectionist, it's lacquer-like colors and sleek coating are chosen for their clean, soothing tones, weather resistance and luxurious sheen. If you really lean in and really take a gander at Square Wave, you will realize no minor detail has been overlooked, it is deceivingly simple but intricately designed. Part of that excellence comes from the fact that we never compromise in production, we make everything in Italy using highly skilled artisans who will ensure your gift is nothing short of spectacular, a level of quality only obtainable through fair wages and centuries if not millennia of experience passed down across generations. This kind of know-how and appreciation for the little things will make Square Wave the present of choice for anyone and everyone!

a journey across the astral plane with square wave polaris

A Journey Across The Astral Plane

Square Wave has a hidden connection to our universe folded into its design and structure. Square Wave's arc or curvature is based on the Fibonacci Sequence, the mathematical formula that is embedded into the symmetry and design of nearly everything in on our planet. You can find this sequence everywhere, including the enthralling spiral structure of galaxies in the milky way. It is also our honor to announce that Square Wave Polaris has captured the hearts and minds of science fiction lovers and should be included in a world renowned science fiction series. Our choice to name it after the northern star is an allusion to it's snowy white coating, however, it is also an allegory to it's relation to the astral plane.

Square wave polaris bannersquare wave polaris mobile banner

Dancing In The Polar Wind

Roaring fires scented with roasted pine branches and birch logs, the crystalline and magical hues of fallen snow nestled at the feet of stoic evergreens, hot chocolate by the the oven and freshly picked chestnuts in a wicker basket by the door. You are sitting inside wrapped in a warm woolen blanket by the fire watching Square Wave twist and turn outside in the icy polar winds, soothing you to sleep. We all try to find our little comforts in the winter months, as we spend more time indoors thanks to the cold it is important to keep the mind relaxed or stimulated based on what you need. Square Wave Polaris will transport you to the joys of winter, creating the exhilarating excitement that comes from seeing your first snow flake or staying huddled inside as blizzards flow beneath the midnight blue star speckled sky.

dancing in the polar wind
square wave as an art piece

Ivan Black

Ivan was born in London in the early 70's, as a child he was immediately interested in geometry, patterns and problem solving. His school of art is inspired by a very uniquely British tradition of combining the arts with other disciplines such as science and mathematics. This early fascination lead him to eventually begin designing and presenting his creations as sculptures and works of art at various museums and galleries. His work has been exhibited at galleries and sculpture parks worldwide including the Peggy Guggenheim Museum, The Cass Foundation, Flowers East, Sculpture by the Sea Australia, Interart Sculpture Park Netherlands, Palmyra Sculpture Centre Mallorca, Kinetica museum and the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden. His works have also been featured at the Adobe headquarters and Nobu Hotel in London!

Square wave polaris in the mountainssquare wave polaris mobile banner

Different Ways To Use Your Square Wave

spin it with a flick

Spin it with a flick of your wrist, and watch the magic happen

spin it with both hands

Spin it with both hands, by holding it by its edges

create mind-blowing

Create mind-blowing shapes and mesmerizing geometric patterns

hang it from the ceiling

Hang it from the ceiling, using the standard kit provided with each square wave

add the optional magnetic stand

You can add the optional Magnetic Stand to enhance your experience

can be displayed indoors and outdoors

Square Wave can be displayed indoors and outdoors

square wave specs

Square Wave Specs

Each Square Wave comes in an elegant box, ideal for a perfect gift. It also comes with a basic hanging kit (we now also offer a dedicated magnetic stand sold separately). Each and every Square Wave is handmade in Italy, near Lake Como, by expert artisans, using exclusively high quality certified materials 100% sourced in Europe. Square Wave dimensions are: 9.8 Inches / 25cm x 9,8 Inches / 25cm and it weights 0.24 Pounds / 110 g. the main component is: S234JR pre-galvanized steel, the highest quality chrome plated steel or the best plating available for the model. Square Wave is made to last outdoors as well and each order is tracked and insured. You will receive an email with your tracking number as soon as your parcel leaves our warehouse.